Mirror Reflection

Twisting Path

Rain at Versailles

Marie Antionette 's Garden

Apollo Fountain

Hall of Mirrors

 Door at Rue Des Etats Generaux

Eiffel Lights

Scoping Paris


Rue de Beauce


Market at

Notre Dame

Moulin Rouge

Musee Louvre

​​Kathy Zimmerman Photography

Metro Red

Metro Blue

Metro Green

Purple Vase

Pink Hydrangea 

Il Piccolo  Rifugio Restuarante

Rue Des Etats Generaux

Rue de Beauce

Louvre Statues

Louvre Columns

Sloped Pyramid

Sculpted Hands

Louvre at First Sight

Versailles Chateau

Eiffel Tower

Hall of Mirrors

Marble Courtyard

House at Rue Des Etats Generaux

Courtyard with Curved Window

Door 13

Amor Toujour

Blue Shutters

Rustic Window

Eiffel Leg


Seine River 

Vivid Roses

Reflections of Moulin Rouge

Red Door at

Notre Dame

Purple Allium

Paris Rooftops

Photography is like an open book to the world.  Lisa Jones

The Streets

of Paris